Navvy Greenfield

Name: Navvy Greenfield
Gallery: Cambridge
Position: Lead Art Consultant

About me: I like to greet everyone I meet with a warm smile. I see myself as being considerate and compassionate about art. I am a creative and my passion has been art from an early age. I have studied Art & Design at Epsom School of Art. I see the Art as being essential part of life I feel very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful arts work on daily basis

Favourite Artists: It is a great pleasure to work in an environment where I see amazing art works on a daily basis. My list of favorites are Fabian Perez, Todd White, Zinsky, Sarah Stokes, and the new artist Daniel Mernagh.

Favourite Movie: My favourite movie is 'Beautiful Mind' and the latest release 'Loving Vincent'. For me a great movie has to have also non-verbal dialogue as well as the spoken word and leaving you feeling uplifted and inspired.

Interests: Exhibitions, galleries, museums, a passion for vintage collectables and menswear tailored fashion.

Most inspirational person: My mother inspired me to aim high, be independent and strive to be the best I can be. My mother encouraged my creativity and when I told her I wanted to study art and design she was overjoyed! I hope my children will one day say the same about me.