Elizabeth Ells

Name: Elizabeth Ells
Gallery: Cambridge
Position: Art Consultant

About Me: As well as working for Artique, I am currently studying for a degree in Illustration with OCA and running an online apparel store.
My artwork is inspired by my love of all things bright, colourful and pop culture. Music & Art has always played a huge part in my life from working in my local music venue to my current role here at Artique. I count myself incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the inspiring artwork we have here in our gallery.

Favourite Artists: Dylan Izaak, Danielle O'connor Akiyama, Ralph Steadman, Alphonse Mucha & SO many gig poster artists.

Favourite Movie: Anything with Bill Murray! They're all great!

Interests: Comedy, podcasts, playing guitar, illustrating

Most Inspirational Person: My late Father, he taught me to work hard, never give up and enjoy life no matter gets thrown your way.
Email: elizabeth.e@artiquegalleries.com