Charlotte Dawson-Meade

Name: Charlotte Dawson-Meade
Gallery: Brighton
Position: Gallery Manager

About me: I strive to be a warm, approachable person and successful at everything I do! My passion is art, as a Visual Culture graduate, I love all things visual and being surrounded by beautiful works brightens my day.

Favourite Artists: Simon Kenny, Sherree Valentine Daines, Dan Flavin, CY Twombly, Tracey Emin.

Favourite Movie: Grease, One Day, Factory Girl and Requiem For a Dream

Interests: I love going to exhibitions, looking at new art and broadening my horizons. Photography, music and music events, fashion and getting into a good book.

Most Inspirational Person: My parents of course, they have both taught me the value of kindness, respect and hard work and are certainly individuals of many talents.