Emma Oakman

Name: Emma Oakman
Gallery: Brighton
Position: Art Consultant

About me: As a fine art graduate specialising in print making, art and the artistic process have always been close to my heart and not far from my walls either. I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of working in a gallery and now I get to share my passion and knowledge on a daily basis.

Favourite Artist: That's a hard one as there are so many up and coming but if I have to name a few Chapman Brothers, Cindy Sherman, Sarah Lucas, Dan Flavin

Favourite Movies: Anything with zombies.

Interests: Art and photography, Theatre, Adventures

Most Inspirational person; My grandparents they taught me to just be me, follow my heart and pay attention to the world around me as beauty and magic hide in the most unexpected places.

Email: emma.o@artiquegalleries.com