Alexandra Diamond

Name: Alexandra Diamond
Gallery: Cambridge
Position: Art Consultant

About Me: I'm a Cambridge girl originally, having grown up in the area. My
background is in high end jewellery and watches, but I have always had a
passion for art. I enjoy sketching and painting with watercolour and acrylic
paint - but only for fun! I'm just teaching myself photography, having
recently bought my first compact DSLR. It is lovely to be surrounded by
pieces from such talented artists on a daily basis. I also enjoy meeting new
people and helping to find something which really speaks to the client.

Favourite Artists: Fabian Perez, Simon Kenny, Danielle O' Connor Akiyama,
Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Mr Kuu, Todd White & many more.

Favourite Movie: Anything by John Hughes - I love 80s movies.

Interests: Acrylic painting, poetry, photography, jewellery, fashion &
beauty, and all things French.

Most Inspirational Person: My mum - she's definitely a strong female role