Emma Davies

Name: Emma Davies
Gallery: Norwich
Position: Art Consultant

About Me: I studied Contemporary design in Cornwall, and although specialising in wood turning and furniture design I have also worked with designers and artists at Cockpit Arts London and with galleries in the South East. I am looking to use my knowledge of the wider art industry to engage and explore our clients individual needs and match them with a stunning piece in Artique.

Interests: Cycling, sketching, swimming, the tiny house movement, the KonMari method & eating peanut butter blondies. I am currently learning sign language, and volunteering for a local mental health charity.

Favourite Artists: Kerry Darlington, Jack Vettriano, Danielle Akiyama and Simon Kenny. Outside of Artique I love the work of Arthur Rackham, Norman Rockwell & Craig Davison.

Email: emma@artiquegalleries.com