Hope James

Name: Hope James
Gallery: Windsor
Position: Art Consultant

About me: Ive always been fascinated with art from a young age, drawing and painting whenever I could. As I grew up and studied art, Ive become more interested in the symbolism used throughout art history. I enjoy working with clients and hearing their alternative ideas, and how the artwork makes them feel.

Favourite Artists: Chris and Steve Rocks, Barry Hilton, Philip Gray and Vincent Van Gogh.

Favourite Movie: Any Disney film, Good Will Hunting, The Breakfast Club

Interests: I love travelling to new places, and experiencing new things. Im a bit of a crazy cat lady and love animals.

Most inspirational person: My Grandmother, she was the most selfless person Ive ever met, and taught me to have a great work ethic and love for my family. She always told me to pursue my interests and here I am.

Email: hope@artiquegalleries.com