Anna Speed-Andrews

Name: Anna Speed-Andrews
Gallery: Canterbury
Position: Art Consultant

About me: With a background dominated by the wine trade, both in high-end consultation and vineyard sales management, followed variously by work in recruitment and property, my focus has always been on the synthesis between myself and the client. Determining and understanding their needs and wants and striving to deliver a positive, unique experience is my goal and ultimately, of course, to unite them with that perfect piece!

Favourite Artists: Jennine Parker, Barry Hilton, Tom Butler, Gauguin, Rodin, Lucian Freud and David Hockney,

Favourite Movie: Simply impossible to choose...Dont Look Now, Papillon, No Country for Old Men, The Deer Hunter, Donnie Darko and One Flew over The Cuckoos Nest.

Interests: Art, in all its guises, Antiques, Reading, Writing, Travel, Wine, Food, Film, Seashore Walks, Roaring Fires, Mucking around with upcycling.

Most Inspirational Person: Ordinary people who do extraordinary things.