Katherine Anderson

Name: Katherine Anderson
Gallery: Head Office
Position: Area Support Manager

About me: Having recently joined the company as an Area Support Manager it is my responsibility to provide cohesion between our team and head office. Primarily, I support our Sales Director in delivering daily objectives and making sure each art consultant and gallery manager is on the right path. Having previously worked in the film industry and the travel and tourism sector in management roles, I understand what is takes to achieve the near-impossible and reach the highs of success on a day-to-day basis. I take pride in working alongside such strong and talented individuals.

Favourite Artists:
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, G. F. Watts, Renoir, Danielle O'Connor Akiyama, David Cressman and Sherree Valentine Daines.

Favourite Movie: Anything romantic: "Crazy Stupid Love" or anything with action: "Lethal Weapon"; So "True Romance" has to be my favourite movie as it has both!

Interests: All the indulgent stuff: antiquing, socialising, eating and frequenting gin tastings! Reading is the most important and that doesn't count as an indulgences, simply a necessity.

Favourite Person: My partner of nearly eleven years, Christopher. He's put up with me for this long so he's definitely a keeper!
Email: katherine@artiquegalleries.com